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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Spiritual awakening experience

energetic vibrations
It is funny how from simple things, the best things we gain! 3 years ago i had the mind set that those who are following my religion are going to heaven, and that everyone else is sadly going to hell. That was until the day of my awakening; The day i realized that we are all one, that we should never be classified by religion, race, sex or else. I now know, that God's love is unconditional. He wants to be found and he does not care how. He does not care what your flavor is, christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jew, it just does not matter, and there is no one way to God. 3 Years ago i received a call from a friend, she told me about an mp3 player that stimulates the brain in a way that mimics drug effects, she said it would make me high! The software plays binural beats to change the brain frequency which in return changes your mood. I decided to try the software, and i never got high, every time i listed to those tracks i just felt this strange vibration between my eyebrows; I kept trying for days hoping to get high, but that never happened.
Few days later i was laying on my couch watching TV, and my mind was completely blank; All of a sudden i felt very powerful vibrations in my whole body, ringing noise in both ears, and my heart started pulsing really fast. I tried to move but i couldn't, I tried again only to find myself floating out of my body! I was able to see my body laying on the couch, and i thought it is the end for me, am dead!! But as soon as i freaked out, i was sucked back into my body, and was able to move normally. I cried so bad, and was really scared, I could not sleep for days after this incident, and what happened to me later was even more powerful. Over the next few days after this incident, i started feeling continues vibrations between my eyes, near the top of my head, and a flow of energy flushing through my heart. I went to doctors, had many check ups, they all came up fine! Only then i decided to research what is going on. A new door have just opened for me out of no where. I understood that am not alone, that many have been there already. I just had an out of body experience, and then my energy body started waking up from a long deep sleep. My ideas have changed, my illness have vanished, i became someone else, someone that i have never imagined i could be!

Since this OBE incident and till the moments am writing those words, I have been growing every single day. I even succeed to manifest a trip to India, and Thailand; just to learn more about this new world that unfolded before my eyes. I really appreciate what the universe have given me out of no where. Now i know why am here on earth. Now i know what my purpose is. Thank you! :-)

Love & Light..

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