Love Is Not Meant To Be Painful

Spiritual awakening leads us to the fact that love is never meant to be painful as we see it today. Once one realizes that love really is a choice, the idea of love changes forever.

Energy Pressure Around The Head

Most of those who experience spiritual awakening complain that they suffer an energetic pressure around the crown, and 3rd eye chakras. Find out the reasons behind this kind of pressure, and how to release it.

It Is Time To Make A Shift

It is true that more people are experiencing spiritual awakening, the earth is shifting into a new age of peace, and love. Where do you stand as the shift happens? Become part of the shift.

Monday, October 29, 2012

It Is Time To Make A Shift

shift towards the new earth
It takes a moment of silence to understand the gift called humanity on earth, it takes a satori moment, a moment with source, to realize that you are gifted to be here at this wonderful time. It is time to stop thinking that you are not as knowledgeable and powerful as you really are. It is time to put an end to all the drama. It is time to stop pointing fingers, and acknowledge responsibility.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

"One Day" - A Global Event Of Oneness & Co-Creation!

lotus flower
I come across this global event hosted by Do As One, and i would like to invite you all to share, indeed global consciousness makes a difference. This is a chance to be the light!
On 11/11 of this year, Do As One is inviting the world to create "ONE Day"- A global event of synchronous intention, imagination, and prayer. The vision is that one billion people will connect at the same time, participating in events of their choosing, and then breathe as ONE, using the Universal Breathing Room on Whether it is through prayer, parties, meditation, chanting, ecstatic dance, singing, laughing, or yoga, we envision people from around the world collectively connecting in whatever way is most meaningful for them.

Music And Meditation From Kryon Family

Lee Caroll
Kryon is an entity channeled by Lee Carroll. He always delivered profound teachings, and messages of love. As i was listening to one of the recent kryon meetings, i came across this beautiful piece of art. Before Kryon starts to talk, usually music is played accompanied with a quick meditation, but this one is really profound.

Friday, October 26, 2012

A Belief Is A Thought That We Keep Thinking

elephant mind set
I have always asked myself, what if i was born in India as a Hindu, or in China as Buddhist, or in America as a Christian, or in the middle east as a Muslim. I always wondered what really makes me follow a religion, where does it come from, what seeds does it plant in me, and how does it grows me. Until one day, someone told me a story about circus elephants.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Energy Pressure Around The Head

Meditation posture
Spiritual awakening is sometimes accompanied with physical feelings of energy flowing through the body, or building up around the the crown, and third eye chakras. This physical feeling of energy pressure around the the 3rd eye, and the crown chakras is one of the most common symptoms of spiritual awakening. I have personally struggled with this pressure for a very long time, until i finally figured out how to deal with it in a way that upgraded my whole energy body, and prepared my nervous system to channel more energy than before.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Why Prayers Are Not Answered

a prayer
Some of us today are struggling with prayers, they wonder why they don't receive any answers, some even lose their faith in religions, and in God because of this. I now tell you, that those prayers that come out of need, will not be answered, and if answered, they will just bring more drama along the way. Those prayers that come out of weakness, and suffering, will not be answered, and if answered, they will bring more suffering along the way.The problem today is that when people pray, they separate themselves from God by believing that they are weak, and not worthy. People believe that they are small while God is big. Although most religions teach that GOD is everything and everywhere, the realization that we are one with God is absent. Every time you say, God help me am weak, you attract more weakness into your life. God help me i am poor, you remain poor.

The Ones We Call Energy Vampires

Energy vampires
Many of us complain that some of those around us are capable of draining our energy, or changing our state from a positive one to a negative one. On the internet, i found a lot of instructions for those who want "Protection" from energy vampires. Instructions, and steps to recharge, and maintain the energy that you have lost. Meditations and visualization techniques to remain "Protected" during negative circumstances. I want to tell you today that there is no such a thing as energy vampires except in your mind.

Friday, October 19, 2012

The New Energy On Earth

New earth energy
Those are good times, more and more people are awakening to who they really are. More people are asking the questions of life "who we are, and why we are here?." More people are shifting into a new reality. Indeed a new energy is starting to rise and shine on planet earth.

The Way We See The World

violet flower
One day i was walking down the street with a young girl, she had this smile that i still can't forget. That kind of smile that brings joy to the whole world. As we walked, we came by a big land where people dump their garbage, and yes it did stink! I felt really irritated to walk by this place, just could not stand how ugly it looks, and how bad the small was, until all of a sudden i heard the little girl say WOW! She even had a bigger smile on her face.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Deeper Look Into Duality

If you celebrate when your enemies are killed, this is duality. If you laugh at those you do not like when they fall in trouble, this is duality. If you think that the spiritual, political or even sports group you belong to is right, and the other groups are wrong, this is duality. If you speak about your Ex in a language of hate or judgement, this is duality. If you do not wish for others what you wish for yourself, this is duality.The examples of duality are endless, but the ones i just illustrated can give you a clear idea about what duality really is. Duality is component that we are born with, and in order for us to achieve personal freedom, getting rid of duality should be at the top of our list. It is one of the challenges that we encounter during our journey on earth. It is sad that the culture we live in these days empowers duality to the maximum.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Prahlad Jani has had no food or drinks for 70+ years

Prahlad Jani
Prahlad Jani, an 82-years-old man who claims that he has not had any food or drinks for more than 70 years. His claims were in fact put to test at a hospital in Ahmedabad, India. Doctors monitored him closely, and he was also studied by India's Defense Research Development Organization, which believed that Prahlad have a quality that can help save lives. At the hospital he spent six days without food or water under the strict observation of scientists and doctors who said that his body did not show any signs of hunger or dehydration.
Jani is a Yogi who lives an enforced spiritual life alone. He believes that his energy body is inhabited  sustained by the spirit of a goddess.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Twin Hearts Meditation

the twin hearts
Of all the tools developed and taught by master & founder of pranic healing Choa Kok Sui, meditation on twin hearts goes to the top of the list, many of those who practiced the meditation experienced instant healing, out of body trips, and massive chakra upgrades. Personally, when i practice the twin hearts meditation i feel super charged in a way beyond my explanation. The things that manifest in my life as i use this tool are just amazing. Enemies turn into friends, pain turns into peace, i just experience the true connection between myself and the all there is..

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Love Is Not Meant To Be Painful !

angel heart
It became rooted in the belief of many nowadays that love and pain come together in one package. In fact if you look at the number of songs, love stories, and movies that associate love with pain, you will be surprised, because you can hardly find one that does not. The following negative statements became facts of life that we live on daily basis: love hurts - love is pain - love kills - love is weakness, and more over, the internet is now full of love hurts quotes. Let me give you some examples:

Step One To Personal Freedom

smily face
To achieve personal freedom, the first step is to be in charge of yourself, in control of your feelings. We were raised to believe that feelings happen to us out of no where, and that we have no control at all over feelings like love, hate, anger, sadness, passion...etc. In fact, what we were raised to believe is against logic, because feelings result from thoughts, and if you control your thoughts, you will then gain control over your feelings.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Life We Call Death

near death experience
It took me a while to put those words together, because the subject is a bit sensitive, before i let my thoughts out, let me tell you that the term "death" is no longer part of my language, i prefer to call it "Ascending", and that is how am going to refer to it as we move on.
For most people it is heartbreaking to lose a close friend, a spouse, a kid, or a family member, i can even recall how it felt six years ago when i lost my best friend in a car accident... it was a terrible feeling that lasted for months, ascending always shocked me in a negative way, i have been there, and i know exactly how it feels to lose someone, but after my awakening, i realized that i never lost anyone! there is actually no such a thing as "death", it does not exist at all.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Achieve & Maintain Inner Peace

inner peace
The current pace of life leaves us stressed, struggling, and stuck in a loop of routine tasks in a way that makes it impossible for some to achieve, and maintain a state of inner peace. Listed here are tools that may help, but  remember, those tools are just eye openers, if they do not suit you, know that within you, you already have the knowledge to design your own tools to achieve inner peace.
How do you start your day? The first thing we do in the morning as soon as we open our eyes may achieve sixty percent of the way to inner peace. As soon as you wake up, say some positive affirmations, and i would like to mention the sacred affirmations of Reiki healing "Just for today, I will not worry. Just for today, I will not be angry. Just for today, I will be grateful.Just for today, i will be kind to all living beings. Just for today i will work hard"

Ran for 8 hours at the age of 100

running at the age of 100
During my last trip to India i came across this piece of news, and i just could not ignore it. a 100 years old man shared in a big marathon and ran for 8 hours non-stop! really we human-beings can do anything once we get in touch with our true self! The man was asked about his secret, and his answer was "being happy". Just by being happy, he did what some youth can not do nowadays. Be happy today! and believe in your abilities, then watch yourself doing the impossible. The story of this man is one example of many, if only we look around us, there are a lot of examples and proofs that we can expand, and go beyond what physical science can explain.

The most profound symbol ever: Yin & Yang

yin and yang
Yin is for good, Yang is for evil. Yin is an energy from heaven, Yang is an energy from earth. So many translations, different meanings, and even books were written to explain what symbol really means, and guess what! all the translations are right, the Yin and Yang symbol really means everything, it just does!
When we meditate on that symbol, watch carefully, we realize that it represents our state on earth, it teaches us the true meaning of being in balance within ourselves, and with every thing around us. You may have seen the symbol many times before, in the Korean flag, in Kung-fu Panda, Karate movies, and in many pictures on the internet, but today we look at the Yin and Yang symbol differently, as we move on with this post, many profound translation will be revealed.

The Way To Enlightenment

Are you struggling with your spiritual awakening, and seeking a Guru to help you out? did they tell you that you can't make it without a teacher? did they tell you that you can't make it without a book? well relax my friend because what they told you is wrong!
No offense Gurus & teachers, i do respect your mission on earth, I know you are here to awaken more human beings, and to spread the light on the planet. The point is that many Gurus now sadly use spirituality as a tool to control others. They sometimes even reflect what they think on others instead of trying to really help them seek the truth within themselves. There are no steps that one can take to spiritual awakening; all the breathing, and meditation techniques out there are nothing but tools to help you relax your body, and quite your monkey mind so you can perceive beyond the limited physical dimension and expand your consciousness.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Gods Or Manifestation Of Source Energy?

Soon after s spiritual awakening experience, we realize that those bodies we have are no different than a car that we use to drive to a destination. We are energy, or as mentioned in many religions, we are souls. In the universe there is a main source of love and light which is GOD, and all souls living on earth came from this source of love and light. I dug deeper into religion to know more about the purpose of all these holy books, and to understand why there is more than one path to GOD. One of the things that really caught my attention was the fact that in Hinduism there are more Gods than i can count,  i wondered why, i just could not see how people worship so many Gods, but then i remembered a very inspirational story that was told by the entity Kryon, channeled by Lee Carrol. Kryon said that once upon a time there was no much population on earth. There was only one village on top of a mountain surrounded by the endless ocean.

Qoute Of The Day

In life we only get what we believe; if a lot of negative events are manifesting into our lives, it is time to question what we believe, and change it... To change what we get.

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