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Friday, October 26, 2012

A Belief Is A Thought That We Keep Thinking

elephant mind set
I have always asked myself, what if i was born in India as a Hindu, or in China as Buddhist, or in America as a Christian, or in the middle east as a Muslim. I always wondered what really makes me follow a religion, where does it come from, what seeds does it plant in me, and how does it grows me. Until one day, someone told me a story about circus elephants.

At the circus, and sometimes at the zoo you may notice the elephants walking unnaturally, its because since the elephant is very young, his back leg was bound to the ground using metal shackles and chains, and whenever he tries to walk, his back leg bounces back. The elephant grow up thinking that this is the way his back leg moves, and he continues to walk like this, dragging, or dangling one of his back legs. This is called a mindset, and this is exactly what happens to us as human beings, the thoughts we receive from those around us since we are very young form our set of beliefs called the mindset.

If you think for a moment why do you follow a specific religion since childhood, you will find out that it is because your parents did. Your mindset was programed by your parents, and the culture that you live in since you was very young, until your thoughts turned into strong beliefs, and that is because.. a belief is a thought that we keep thinking. Again, everything starts with a thought! In order for us to see the truth, there is no other path than unlearning everything that we know of, and this is what i call getting out of the box. Just remove all the layers of thoughts that have accumulated inside you, and start over. The truth is within you, and it just takes one step to reach out to it, just open the door to your higher self, just allow the information within your core called the higher self to flow to your physical mind. I have been there. I was so depressed when i discovered things that religion did not teach me, and i prayed to God with pure intent, and that was my prayer:

"God, i don't seem to know anything, you know more than i do, please guide me. I do not know if what am experiencing is evil, i just don't know. All i know is that it is peaceful and i don't see how can peaceful feelings come from evil. If am on the right path please give me a sign, take my hand and show me the way. I don't know if reincarnation is real, i don't know if heaven and hell are real, i just don't, show me the light, you are the only thing that i know is real. Remind me of who i am, make me a channel of your love"

Few months after this prayer, where i decided to unlearn everything and wait for the source power that created me to take over and show me the way, a lot of things have manifested into my life, a business trip to India came out of nowhere where i met wonderful spiritual teachers who added a lot to my experience, and i even had my Reiki level one course there. Following my trip to India, another trip to Thailand just manifested, and there i have visited a temple, and it was so peaceful, i started to learn how those from other background are also human beings, how humanity matters more than anything else. Very vivid dreams, and out of body trips where i received profound messages. Wherever i go, i meet people who are awakening, places that are positive, and books that just call my name. I realized that religions are not contradicting at all, in fact those contradictions and conflicts are the work of the human mind, because a  belief is a thought that we keep thinking.

If we look at how religions started on earth we find out how they complete each other. The Buddha taught people how to seek the truth within, how to connect with their quantum self, and if you read the stories of the prophets, they were all connected, they meditated, and they have found the love of God. We need the wisdom of Buddha, the love of Jesus, the power of Moses, and the light of Mohamed. The purpose of each and every religion is to make you a better person, we are all trying to find the creator who really wants to be found regardless of how you do it. If you wonder why you see duality in holy books, if you wonder why you there is talk about heaven and hell, reward and punishment, i recommend that you read my post about the Yin & Yang symbol, both sides exist because this is the physical reality, and we human beings are free to choose which side to align with. One does not need to study hundreds of books, attend seminars, and workshop to find the way to God, because god is within, that is where you seek him, within you! and yet he is everything and everywhere. Thank You!

Love & Light...


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