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Monday, October 8, 2012

Achieve & Maintain Inner Peace

inner peace
The current pace of life leaves us stressed, struggling, and stuck in a loop of routine tasks in a way that makes it impossible for some to achieve, and maintain a state of inner peace. Listed here are tools that may help, but  remember, those tools are just eye openers, if they do not suit you, know that within you, you already have the knowledge to design your own tools to achieve inner peace.
How do you start your day? The first thing we do in the morning as soon as we open our eyes may achieve sixty percent of the way to inner peace. As soon as you wake up, say some positive affirmations, and i would like to mention the sacred affirmations of Reiki healing "Just for today, I will not worry. Just for today, I will not be angry. Just for today, I will be grateful.Just for today, i will be kind to all living beings. Just for today i will work hard"
, and i add to those wonderful affirmations one more "just for today, i will not judge others". Feel every affirmation as you say it, believe in it so much until you get that sense of happiness. Followed by those affirmations it is recommended that you perform a simple physical exercise before getting out of bed, stretching your back, legs and neck should be enough, but you can go for more if you like.

Keep a smile on your face Even if you do not feel like smiling, always keep a smile on your face, the feeling will come later, it just must! when you get out of bed and go wash your face, look in the mirror, and make sure that you are smiling, if not! what are you waiting for? Smile :-)

Remind yourself of the affirmations you made As you move on through your day, remind yourself of the affirmations you made this morning in case you notice that stress is getting to you. It is ok to feel frustrated, mad at something, or even angry, do not push yourself too hard; just acknowledge those feelings, and let go of them, simply go back to the affirmations, say them again, feel them once more.

The sphere of silence near the middle of the day when your energy starts to slow down, it is recommended that you isolate yourself for 5 minutes. Just 5 minutes where you can close your eyes, breath deeply, and completely empty your mind. Before you start your 5 minutes of silence, affirm that you will not think of anything during those 5 minutes, you will completely empty your mind, then start your simple meditation. You can do this anywhere, even when it is noisy. Also note that you do not have to sit in a place during those 5 minutes, go for a walk, run if you like, draw anything on a piece of paper, or write your thoughts. always choose the tool that suits you best. This exercise can also be repeated or extended as needed.

Be Present Always be in the moment, we tend to waste a lot of time thinking of things that happened in the past, or worried of what might happen in the future, and because of this, we miss the joy of being present, we might be going through a happy moment, yet we waste that moment thinking past or future. Monitor your thoughts, this is key for this tool to work, are you awake? are you here now? if not, then get back here, and enjoy being here in the NOW.

Avoid media We sometimes decide to ruin our day by reading about the mess going on in the world, or watching the awful war / terrorism news. This is one of the main reasons we become stressed on daily basis, and the funny fact is that many of us choose to stress themselves by reading the newspaper or watching the news. do not be part of the negativity that takes place in the world, isolate yourself from this mess. I know that what is mentioned here might seem very hard to do, because knowing the news became part of our daily routine, and today media is a very important source of knowledge, or so we think, but it is toxic knowledge really, avoid it, unless it is extremely urgent that you check the news.
Note: Some people have the ability to read the newspaper, and watch the news, and yet maintain their inner peace. Be your own judge.

Avoid duality Do not share in a negative discussion, whenever you sense duality, stay away, do not involve yourself in a discussion that might drain your energy, and leaves you weak and stressed. Political discussions are a very good example of duality. remember this quote from the Tao Te Ching "He who speaks does not know, he who knows, does not speak", live this wisdom on daily basis, and duality will not even come near you.
Note: Another approach is to change the subject once you find yourself in the middle of a negative discussion, say a joke, talk about something positive, change the energy of the conversation.

Be Happy Easy to say, and easy to do if you believe that happiness is a choice. Usually when i go to work, i do not go straight to my desk, it became a habit that i go greet everyone around me, with a smile on my face, this actually maintains my happiness for the rest of the day; a lot of simple things can be done to change the mood of those around you, which in return reflects on your own mood, If you see a colleague of yours struggling with work, go to him/her and ask if he/she could use a glass of water or coffee. Happiness comes from within, and when spread across others (especially those around you) it magnifies.
If someone tries to get on your nerves, just smile, i guarantee you, that those negative people who try to drive you crazy will just get kicked out of your experience if you just smile. Enjoy the fact that you are happy, unaffected by others, or by the events that take place around you.

Keep a book that you think is positive, and read few pages whenever you get a chance, personally i keep a book of positive quotes, and i go through them whenever i can. Keeping an I pod is also a good idea, go for uplifting positive music, and listen to them as you work, or while you are stuck in traffic.

Life is a game Am sure we all understand how computer games makes us excited, even if we lose, we are so persistent to try again, until we win, but when it comes to life, we feel frustrated instead. Change your view of life, and see it as a computer game; Your goal is to go through the levels, keep wining, until you finally finish the game with a very high score. If we only view life this way, it just gets easier, and nothing then can disturb our inner peace.

What to do before you fall asleep? count your many blessings, appreciate how happy your day was, remind yourself of the happy moments you lived during the day, let go of all the tension if you notice any, relax, and enjoy. Oh and notice the smile on your face! its still there.

Again i insisted that the tools listed above are not rules that one should follow, they are only eye openers, you and only you can pick or even design the tool that suits your needs. Think of your inner peace as a flame, and be very focused to keep that flame shining. Thank You!


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In life we only get what we believe; if a lot of negative events are manifesting into our lives, it is time to question what we believe, and change it... To change what we get.

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