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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Gods Or Manifestation Of Source Energy?

Soon after s spiritual awakening experience, we realize that those bodies we have are no different than a car that we use to drive to a destination. We are energy, or as mentioned in many religions, we are souls. In the universe there is a main source of love and light which is GOD, and all souls living on earth came from this source of love and light. I dug deeper into religion to know more about the purpose of all these holy books, and to understand why there is more than one path to GOD. One of the things that really caught my attention was the fact that in Hinduism there are more Gods than i can count,  i wondered why, i just could not see how people worship so many Gods, but then i remembered a very inspirational story that was told by the entity Kryon, channeled by Lee Carrol. Kryon said that once upon a time there was no much population on earth. There was only one village on top of a mountain surrounded by the endless ocean.
The people who lived there believed that God lives beneath the ocean, because that is all they could see! and one day they asked their most spiritual monk to go dive in the ocean, then come back to tell them how God looked like. The man was really scared because he did not know if diving in the ocean will upset God. He did not know what will happen once he dives there in this holy water, but he finally took the decision to do it. He said a prayer for protection, and then dived in the water of the ocean. The first thing he saw was a fish. The man felt really happy, and came out of the water, then went back to his people, and he started drawing a fish on a piece of paper! He told his people, this is what God looks like! they built a big statue that looks like a fish, and started to worship this statue for years; Until one day a young spiritual man decided to go see God to confirm his beliefs. The man went and dived into the ocean, and the first thing he saw was an octopus! He came back to his people, and told them, guess what! you were wrong, let me show you what God really looks like, and he started drawing an octopus, the statue of the octopus was built, and was worshiped! after a very long time, another man takes the same journey, and dives an sees a jelly fish, and the story goes on and on...

The story made me realize, that diving into the ocean of other dimensions through meditation is very similar to diving into the ocean as we physically know it. When we meditate we see other beings, they communicate, and tell us they are Gods, then we come back and draw how they looked like, and built status too. Those light beings did not lie, in fact, our human mind back then did not realize that those beings are manifestations of God. We did not realize that we ourselves are manifestations of God. I then realized that those so many Gods are all one! Yes! One God, One source of Love and light that manifests in more forms than we can count. Some of those who come from a Christian background believe that Jesus was God manifested in a human form, and they are right. They will just be more right if they understand that they have to believe this of themselves as well. When we came to earth, the bodies were created, then souls came in, and souls are just pure energy that came from a super energy that we call God.

Once we believe that we have this power we call God within our physical bodies, we realize that we can do miracles, what we call miracles today becomes very normal, it in fact becomes something that we can easily do. We have been raised in boxes that did nothing but limit us. We were told that our box is good but other boxes are bad! we have been warned not to go to these other boxes, do you know why? because if we go to the other boxes we will find the same thing! Everyone is looking for God in their own way, and God wants to be found! He does not care how! If your religion is the journey that you have chosen to reach God, let it be, but please respect other people's journey as well, because humanity matters more than religion, because we are here to share love! Thank You!

Love & Light :-)

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In life we only get what we believe; if a lot of negative events are manifesting into our lives, it is time to question what we believe, and change it... To change what we get.

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