Love Is Not Meant To Be Painful

Spiritual awakening leads us to the fact that love is never meant to be painful as we see it today. Once one realizes that love really is a choice, the idea of love changes forever.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Love Is Not Meant To Be Painful !

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It became rooted in the belief of many nowadays that love and pain come together in one package. In fact if you look at the number of songs, love stories, and movies that associate love with pain, you will be surprised, because you can hardly find one that does not. The following negative statements became facts of life that we live on daily basis: love hurts - love is pain - love kills - love is weakness, and more over, the internet is now full of love hurts quotes. Let me give you some examples:

"Love is like the truth, sometimes it prevails, sometimes it hurts." Victor M. Garcia Jr.

"Where there is love, there is pain." Spanish proverb

"The courses of true love never did run smooth." William Shakespeare

"Of all pains, the greatest pain, Is to love, and to love in vain." George Granville
We have been bombarded by those lies throughout history that some of us now are afraid to fall in love, they just avoid it to avoid the pain that comes with it, and surprisingly those negative emotions transferred from love to marriage. Divorce rate is getting higher as time moves on, cheating on the one you supposedly love became a normal behavior, and surprisingly we still call it "Love", the last time i read the definition of love, it had nothing to do with any negative emotions, so what are you people speaking of? you call this love, and you believe it too! NON-SENSE. So what happened to this version of pain free love, where did it vanish, and why did it disappear from our live, or became very rare to find? The answer is pretty simple, love did not go anywhere, it exists, and it never changed. What really changed is our perception of love, and the way we now think of love. Love does not hurt, the human mind does, you want to know what are the reason behind those negative beliefs of love? why your heart is broken? why love hurts? check this out..

Love naturally comes from within. Get rid of all your ideas about love, and start to love yourself first, give yourself all the love and attention you need, because  if you are not fulfilled, you will start depending on others to feel love. That is exactly why love hurts you, because it did not come from within. You never even believed that you can choose to satisfy that feeling within you before seeking it from others. If you are one of those who say things like ( I can't find love yet - i don't believe in love - i hope one day my love will come - i will fall in love one day) know that you are just looking everywhere but within you! and this is a big mistake. Love yourself a bit more! LOVE your body the way it is, LOVE your personality, LOVE the fact that you exist, remember that the source you came from is pure unconditional LOVE, and then move from there.

LOVE or EGO.  There is this kind of love that came with us when we were born, this pure pain free love, the one that we forget as we move on, and there is what i call the Ego version of love. When love comes from ego, it does hurt, because when you love someone out of ego, not only you completely depend on them to provide you with love emotions, but also, you expect them to behave in a way that matches your expectations, and when that does not happen, pain shows up. Once you connect to this inner perfect being of light within you called your true self, you then realize that you are meant to love how unique your partner is, because you are unique yourself. What you perceive as painful circumstances becomes joyful. You now feel joyful for how different, and unique your partner is, and you start enjoying your partner the way [S]he is. You will even stop being too physical in the way you perceive others, and instead you will start seeing the spiritual side of them; the side that represents pure unconditional love.

Love is freedom. The divorce rate is getting higher, because when our ego is involved, we then declare war to be in control, and try to place our partner in a box of thoughts, rules, and judgements. A beloved soul mate once told me, i do not care if you are not around, i enjoy perceiving you like a bird in nature, who comes to me filled with love; willingly,  not because he have to. This is in fact the true meaning of unconditional love, when i processed those words, i thought of my caged birds, they do not really have a choice but to deal with me, they have to depend on me to survive, and maybe they have no other option but to love me, but if i open the window, they will fly and may never come back. I then compared those caged birds with a pigeon that sometimes comes willingly to my window, and does not fear my existence when i offer food, or water. I realized that my love to this pigeon is much more pure, unlike my love to those caged birds i have, and actually, i plan to set them free as soon as i find an area where they can live safely. This is how pure, and free love is meant to be. If you encounter a love relation that involves pain, control, sadness, or anger, please do not call it love, do not share in how others humiliate the word that represents your source, and your true self.

Love is allowance. We human beings tend to control everything, we tend to control our lives, our relation, and we also tend to control love. If you have a checklist or a list of conditions that you associate with love, get rid of it. Conditional love is a form of control, and it is a universal rule that control makes things worse. Instead of trying to control everything, start allowing things to happen. Let things be, your partner decided to leave you? Let it be, you are already content, and fulfilled. Let it be! love yourself, and allow love to come to you. You can never force people to love you. You can never enforce the way people should love you. Love have no way. Just allow.

Your true partner is your soul mate. When you love yourself enough that you are content, and when you realize that love is meant to be unconditional, pain free, freedom, and allowance, a new path will unfold before your eyes. You will recognize your soul mates, and will discover that they perceive love the same way you do. Soul mates are there, and we find them once we stop thinking that they are missing.

No longer listen to songs that empower the idea of painful love. No longer watch movies that makes you cry because love is painful. No longer read love stories that are stuffed with complications and sadness. Recognize ego, and kill it. Thank You!

Love & Light :-)

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