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Energy Pressure Around The Head

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

"One Day" - A Global Event Of Oneness & Co-Creation!

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I come across this global event hosted by Do As One, and i would like to invite you all to share, indeed global consciousness makes a difference. This is a chance to be the light!
On 11/11 of this year, Do As One is inviting the world to create "ONE Day"- A global event of synchronous intention, imagination, and prayer. The vision is that one billion people will connect at the same time, participating in events of their choosing, and then breathe as ONE, using the Universal Breathing Room on Whether it is through prayer, parties, meditation, chanting, ecstatic dance, singing, laughing, or yoga, we envision people from around the world collectively connecting in whatever way is most meaningful for them.

Facebook Event:

This global, synchronized call-out to Oneness and Divinity will last for 1 hour, beginning 1pm, PST on 11/11 (New York 4pm, London 9pm, Berlin 10pm, Cairo 11pm, Moscow 12am*, Karachi 2am*, Mumbai 2:30am*, Jakarta 4am*, Beijing 5am*, Sydney 8am* (*means on the morning of 11/12/12 )

Corresponding times around the world:

After ONE Hour, we will breathe as ONE for 11 minutes, using the Universal Breathing Room on

Whilst breathing as One, connected in spirit, we can pray for, imagine, and intend the world we would like to live in.

Experience the Universal Breathing Room now! Click here:

Celebrate "ONE Day" on 11/11 by hosting your own event. Click here:

Events are entirely up to you. This is an all-inclusive event. If you like, hold a meditation group, or ask your local church, temple, or mosque to hold a special service, throw a party and connect via the beat, hold a Kirtan circle...anything you choose. The events can be small, intimate gatherings of friends or family, or they can be large public gatherings.

If you do create an event, please list it on the site. The events can be listed as public or private. If you create a public event please leave us an email address or phone number so that other people can join. List your One Day event here:

If you are busy to join an event, or if its too early where you are, you can still participate simply by breathing with us for 11 minutes in the Universal Breathing Room on at 2pm in Los Angeles, 5pm New York, 10pm London, 12am Cairo. Corresponding times around the world:

Throughout history, people around the world have imagined a better
future and said "One Day"...

One day there will be peace on Earth.
One day we'll see past our differences.
One day we'll live in harmony.
One day we'll all be free.

ONE Day is no longer in the future. ONE Day is here. ONE Day is now...

ONE Day, ONE Breath, ONE Love

Be ONE with the billion!


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