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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Step One To Personal Freedom

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To achieve personal freedom, the first step is to be in charge of yourself, in control of your feelings. We were raised to believe that feelings happen to us out of no where, and that we have no control at all over feelings like love, hate, anger, sadness, passion...etc. In fact, what we were raised to believe is against logic, because feelings result from thoughts, and if you control your thoughts, you will then gain control over your feelings.
Once feelings are controlled, one can choose to love & to be passionate at will. One of my friends once came to me very depressed; he told me that people think he is a fool; it was because of something that he did. My question to him was, do you think you would have been so unhappy if you did not know what people thought of you? He said No! and then i told him, so, what you feel have nothing to do with what people think, its just that you knew what they think, and accepted their thoughts of you. You discarded your own opinion of yourself. Do you think you are a fool? he said No! I then told him not to choose what people think of you over what you think of yourself. The logic within this example really applies to all events, once you choose your thoughts carefully, they will simply reflect on the way you feel, and if it is up to you to choose your opinion of yourself over what people think of you, why in the world are you willingly choosing negative thoughts over positive ones.
To be in charge of yourself you have to monitor, and select the thoughts that make you happy regardless of what people think.

If you say things like: (You drive me crazy.- you make me angry - you make me unhappy)
It is time to change those thoughts to: (I drive myself crazy because of they way i think of what you are telling me.- I make myself angry, because i choose to think that your words make me angry. - I make myself unhappy, because i choose to think that you make me unhappy).

If you apply this logic to all the negative thoughts you allow into your brain, you will then gain control of your thoughts, and once thoughts are controlled, and responsibility is acknowledged, feelings will change in return. You cannot bypass the thinking-center in the brain, and your whole body receives signals from this center; whenever you feel something negative, try to figure out which thought caused that. if for example you hate someone, you of course have reasons, and those reasons are thoughts that you have chosen to believe, and you can change those thoughts if you want.

Is it easy? of course not, happiness itself is very easy, but not to be unhappy is in fact very difficult, because over the years, your way of thinking have formed a mindset that is hard to change, but that does not mean you should avoid doing that, it takes a lot of positive thinking to change this mindset, and shift into a new way of thinking that simply makes you a more connected person. It is a journey that can be fun if you address your thoughts with a sense of joy, you will discover that sometimes your brain tells you crazy things. Cleaning a very old deserted place takes time, but it feels good if you do it with joy and excitement. Just keep a mental picture of how this place will look like once completely cleaned. Remember that you have learnt the habits you have now by reinforcing them all your life, you get sad, frustrated, depressed because your mind was set that way long time ago. It is now time to be aware of this mindset. Awareness is all what you really need to achieve this shift in your way of thinking. Being aware means that you will catch yourself saying things like "I am such a fool - am not worthy - i cant help it", and once you do, you will start correcting those negative thoughts until your subconscious mind learns more about the new you, and gives you back all the support your need during this journey. Thank You!

Love & Light.

*Inspired from your erroneous zones by Dr.Wayne Dyer.

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In life we only get what we believe; if a lot of negative events are manifesting into our lives, it is time to question what we believe, and change it... To change what we get.

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