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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Life We Call Death

near death experience
It took me a while to put those words together, because the subject is a bit sensitive, before i let my thoughts out, let me tell you that the term "death" is no longer part of my language, i prefer to call it "Ascending", and that is how am going to refer to it as we move on.
For most people it is heartbreaking to lose a close friend, a spouse, a kid, or a family member, i can even recall how it felt six years ago when i lost my best friend in a car accident... it was a terrible feeling that lasted for months, ascending always shocked me in a negative way, i have been there, and i know exactly how it feels to lose someone, but after my awakening, i realized that i never lost anyone! there is actually no such a thing as "death", it does not exist at all.

Where do you think we came from? We did not just pop up in our mothers wombs, maybe our vehicle called the physical body did, but we really are energy or "souls" that was extended from the source energy that we call God, this is who we are, we are not that physical body, and we never was. In order to understand ascending we really need to get in touch with the bigger part of us called "the soul". We actually inhabited those physical bodies to share the love that we came from on planet earth, and once we are done with this precious journey we just go back home. Compared to our true age, the period of time we spend on earth is very small, yet some of us choose to waste this small period of time stressed, and unhappy. If we allow ourselves to connect to our source during our stay on earth, we wil realize that we did not lose those who ascended, in fact, there are many ways of communication that are available for us to get in-touch with them.

Where are they? The beloved ones we supposedly lost are actually around us, they did not go anywhere, they just shifted from physical to non-physical; it is like when a close friend travels to the other half of the planet. They just traveled to a different country in a different dimension, and guess what! they would love to communicate with us, to let us know how happy they are in this other dimension. We were raised to believe that we lose those who ascend, and can no longer see them or communicate with them, that's what makes ascending so sad. It is what we believe, the box of ideas that we lock ourselves in.

How to communicate with them? All it takes is pure intent, and strong belief. After my awakening i saw, and spoke to all the beloved ones who ascended during meditation, out of body trips, and dreams. At first i was still discovering this whole new change, and i thought that all what i see is just unreal, until one day a close friend of mine ascended, and i saw him in a dream before i even know that he moved on, he told me "you were right! am doing great now, I just feel great". I woke up with a big smile on my face, and the phone then started ringing, it was a friend of mine, i answered and was told the news about my close friend,  i maintained my smile, and my response was "yes i know, he is just fine!" No need to mention that i was thought of as a crazy person! but that's fine. Meditation connects us to our source, and guess who else is there? yes, our beloved ones, We can then meet, have amazing conversations, and experience pure unconditional love.
Another way is automatic writing; to do automatic writing you just relax your body and slightly hold a pen on a piece of paper or a notebook, then set your pure intent to have a conversation with a beloved one who ascended, then just relax your hand, and it will start moving, at first you may fill the paper with meaningless drawings, but with exercise you will get clear messages, and answers to your questions. Going out of body is another way to meet your beloved ones, and also other non-physical beings. For the purpose of this post, a special post will be dedicated to OBE's.

Is there proof? Other than my own personal experience, near death experiences are my number 1 proof to those who need one. Those cases are true, documented, and they leave scientists puzzled till today. Here is one story that i offer you without any modifications from my side:

"She told me how she floated up over her body, viewed the resuscitation effort for a short time and then felt herself being pulled up through several floors of the hospital. She then found herself above the roof and realized she was looking at the skyline of Hartford. She marveled at how interesting this view was and out of the corner of her eye she saw a red object. It turned out to be a shoe ... [S]he thought about the shoe... and suddenly, she felt "sucked up" a blackened hole. The rest of her NDE account was fairly typical, as I remember.

I was relating this to a [skeptical] resident who in a mocking manner left. Apparently, he got a janitor to get him onto the roof. When I saw him later that day, he had a red shoe and he became a believer, too." (K. Milne, personal communication, October 19,1992)
Living as souls  As souls we are expanded, unlimited, full of love, peace, and kindness. In soul form Ego does not exist, duality does not exist, and all the negative emotions you can count do not exist either. Now what happens when we move from this unlimited love to a physical body? the first thing we do is kicking our mother's wombs, and once we come out, we just cry! that is the first sound we hear from newly born babies, they feel very uncomfortable for being limited in a physical body, and it takes them time to adjust to this new vehicle, that is exactly why babies cry; but when we ascend, we just ascend peacefully, we let go of any pain or sadness, and ego just vanishes away, then we remember who we really are. If you align with your soul during your stay in this physical body, you will be in the same state of love and peace, you will not only enjoy your life to the maximum, but will also change the energy of those around you as your love and light will reflect on them.

If we feel a mixture of sadness & happiness when a friend travels to a different country, and are always happy to get good news from them, it is time to feel the same for those who ascend, yes we may be a little sad, but sadness should not be the dominant emotion; in fact, we need to realize that when we physically lose someone, we are really sad for ourselves, not for them, we become sad because we think they are gone forever, which is not true. Be happy for those who ascend, because they are so happy, and if you allow them, you will get good news, and guidance from them; also, one day we will join them in this pure love and light. Thank You!

Love&Light :-)

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In life we only get what we believe; if a lot of negative events are manifesting into our lives, it is time to question what we believe, and change it... To change what we get.

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