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Monday, October 22, 2012

The Ones We Call Energy Vampires

Energy vampires
Many of us complain that some of those around us are capable of draining our energy, or changing our state from a positive one to a negative one. On the internet, i found a lot of instructions for those who want "Protection" from energy vampires. Instructions, and steps to recharge, and maintain the energy that you have lost. Meditations and visualization techniques to remain "Protected" during negative circumstances. I want to tell you today that there is no such a thing as energy vampires except in your mind.

Where does positive energy come from? You do not have an energy body that is separate from the universe around you, your pure positive energy body is connected to a bigger source of energy that is very powerful, and infinite. When we speak of our positive energy, our inner peace and our well  being, we should not really contain those things in a box that is disconnected from everything else. Before we go further into this topic, it is essential that you realize this fact; You are connected to source, and to everything around you.

There is no such a thing as recharging the positive energy that you have lost, because you never did lose it. No protection is needed during "negative circumstances," because they do not exist. The reason i say this is that once we are aware of who we really are, we start channeling this positive source energy flow which is permanent & infinite. You will never run out of energy because it does not stop flowing, not even for a second. You are always protected, and dearly loved, because simply the angels, and God would not allow the opposite of that, unless you willingly allow it!

What really happens is that sometimes when we go though a conversation, or a discussion that we think is negative, our thoughts then turn into negative feelings that starts building up inside us which in return makes us lose connection to our true self. If you look at this statement carefully, you will notice that everything started with what you thought. This is what we really should protect ourselves against, our own thoughts of things.

The ones we call energy vampires are human beings who are suffering. They may be complaining all the time, trying to control you, or judge you. They are unhappy, and trying to feel better. It is a law that positive people rarely attract negative experiences into their lives, but we all go though ups and downs, and eventually we run into some of those who we think are energy vampires. If you happen to encounter some of those who are suffering, listen to them from a place of love, and try to think of what is good about them. Excuse them, they did not find their way home yet, and maybe they were meant to run into you, to change and see the light. The trick here is not to turn the words you hear from them into feelings that you feel, only then you will lose connection to source, and feel drained. You are your own judge, if you think that you can separate what you hear from what you feel (which is ideal) then listen, and try to help, however, if you are not yet in charge of what you think, it is recommended that you use the available tools of protection, and visualization techniques, until you completely awaken to the fact that you are in charge of your thoughts, feelings, actions, and the experiences you attract into your life.

Blame no one but yourself if someone makes you feel drained, because you are the one who allowed it. Once you acknowledge your responsibility, you just grow. This energy of love that comes from an infinite source never runs out, it is always there, and you are always connected to it. This flow of love between your true self, and source is open all the time. It is really inappropriate to think that others can suck your energy, what happens is that you become unaligned with this energy, because you allowed negative thoughts to turn into negative feelings. Knowing this, you now know that this energy is always available to you, and whenever you  feel unaligned, just tune back into it.

Feelings these days are flowing outside in. We expect feelings to come to us from an external source other than ourselves. For example, we tend to look for happiness in other people and/or other places. This outside in flow is unnatural, and it is actually one of the reasons behind suffering in the world. The natural flow of feelings should be inside out, every single feeling should come from within, because the source is internal, it is within us. It never was external, and will never be. If you think that you can't help what you feel, you are wrong. This is what we were raised to believe. The truth is that feelings come from thoughts. One should carefully select his/her thoughts in order to maintain his/her inner peace.

Choose to see goodness in everything, and start by those you think are "energy vampires". If what is written here is hard for you to do, and if you are convinced that those around you are sucking your energy, and you have decided to blame it on them, then go ahead and use the available tools for protection, and recharging, they will perfectly work for you, and serve your journey. But if you are someone who seeks the truth. The truth is that your energy body is not separate from source energy, it is always connected, and this amazing flow of energy never runs out. You can just tap into it whenever you want. If you require more information on how to carefully select your thoughts, and maintain you inner peace, check out this post "Step One To Personal Freedom," and yes of course, to have control over your thoughts is the key to personal freedom, it is actually the key to self awakening. Thank You!

Love & Light...


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In life we only get what we believe; if a lot of negative events are manifesting into our lives, it is time to question what we believe, and change it... To change what we get.

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