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Monday, October 22, 2012

Why Prayers Are Not Answered

a prayer
Some of us today are struggling with prayers, they wonder why they don't receive any answers, some even lose their faith in religions, and in God because of this. I now tell you, that those prayers that come out of need, will not be answered, and if answered, they will just bring more drama along the way. Those prayers that come out of weakness, and suffering, will not be answered, and if answered, they will bring more suffering along the way.The problem today is that when people pray, they separate themselves from God by believing that they are weak, and not worthy. People believe that they are small while God is big. Although most religions teach that GOD is everything and everywhere, the realization that we are one with God is absent. Every time you say, God help me am weak, you attract more weakness into your life. God help me i am poor, you remain poor.
That is because the important aspect of a prayer is the emotion that comes with it, that's what the universe receives from you, the emotion, not the words. How you feel as you pray is the key to get all that you want. Those who understand the game of life, pray from a place of calmness and contentment. If you employ your imagination, and emotions during prayers in a way that makes you feel that what you are praying for already exists, it is promised that you will get what you ask for.

Author and speaker Greg Barden once told a story of a friend of his, he invited him to share in a prayer for rain, Greg was so interested to join his friend. They met and drove to the top of a mountain, where a historical sacred place exists, at that place there was a stone circle where people go inside the circle then pray. The man took off his shoes and went into the circle, he closed his eyes for a minute, then he came out, and told Greg "i am done, lets leave." Greg was surprised as he expected a bigger event, he did not realize that a prayer for rain takes a minute. He asked his friend about the process of this prayer, and why it did not take so long. The man said that he just imagined and felt what it would be like if there was rain, he felt the water falling down, he felt the sand starting to become muddy beneath his feet and felt his clothes starting to become wet. That was it, and according to Gregg, the next day there was rain at a time of the year where it does not rain.

That was a story of a perfect prayer, where imagination, and emotions were employed to empower the idea that it is raining, instead of the idea of the absence of rain, and the need for rain. This is one of the things we lost across time, the ability to pray a profound prayer knowing that the answer is coming because we already felt that it came. Profound prayers should always represent the end results, and it might seem hard to do. Just train yourself to feel this way and over time you will just get better & better, and will also manifest miracles into your life.

This have a lot to do with the law of attraction in case you are wondering, it is no secret that humanity always had this wisdom, but for some reason we lost connection with it. Now you know that one of the best selling books "The Secret" is actually no secret at all, its a reminder of how powerful we really are. Thank You!

Love & Light...


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In life we only get what we believe; if a lot of negative events are manifesting into our lives, it is time to question what we believe, and change it... To change what we get.

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