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Friday, November 30, 2012

Attracting & Maintaining prosperity

Prosperity is a state of mind where one experiences happiness and peace within and about oneself. Prosperity is mostly thought of as a financial state, which is really erroneous, the mind must experience wealth in all areas of life. Some of us may have few thousands of dollars in their bank account, and yet they feel prosperous, while others may have millions, and yet they do not feel that they achieved anything.

Prosperity is not just about accumulating money, it also includes love, happiness and health. Experiencing one of those elements without the others is not really prosperity.

In order to have a correct mental attitude that attracts prosperity, one should be in a state of mind that is always open to new ideas, never accepts financial defeats, and the knowing that GOD is the true source of supply and prosperity.

Along with being a state of mind, prosperity is also a state of soul. knowing through meditation that GOD is truly within you as the central core of your being produces the greatest positive attitude of mind for achieving prosperity.Once you know that the infinite intelligence and wisdom of the entire universe is working within and through you, you attract, and maintain prosperity.Your true guide for having a mind that attracts prosperity is to declare within your mind that GOD is you true source of supply; to live, think and act as if you are already prosperous; to associate only with those who have a positive attitude towards prosperity and money; to affirm that a loving GOD provides, and to understand that being spiritual is having money. If you are one of those who think that it is a sin to have much money, and that much money will cause you to be cursed, it is time to get rid of those ideas now.

When you pray do not ask for money, and remember that those who pray out of need don't get the answers they really hope for. Instead pray positively by imagining and affirming that you already have all it is that you need. Meditate daily and keep all the channels open in your mind, meditation helps you connect to the great source of power within you through which you can achieve and maintain prosperity.

Be Active. Do not think that once you start to meditate and work with positive affirmations you will see things materialize around you, you still need to be very active and open to new ideas, go out there and enjoy your physical life.

Remember the power of gratitude, you will never receive abundance if you are not grateful to what you already have. A good tip is write a positive affirmation on a 1 dollar bill, and keep it with you all the time, such affirmation should reflect gratitude, and you should feel grateful whenever you read it. Let it be something like "Thank you for all the money that i have been given throughout my life" or "From the bottom of my heart, i am grateful to all the money i receive" or " The more i spend, the more i receive".

Program your subconscious mind to attract money, health and happiness using positive affirmations. Say those affirmations out-loud during meditation, Write them on a paper and put them where you can see them often, or even whisper them to yourself during the day. Thank You! Love & Light...


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