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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Awakening Of The Prophets

Image Of The Buddha
As the new age approaches, many of us are now experiencing spiritual awakening, the awakening cycle is rolling, and what we thought of as old teachings is becoming new again. Many thought that the teachings of Buddha, Mohamed, Jesus, Moses, and others; are old teachings that are not going to fit in the new age. Surprisingly, this old wisdom is rising again for the very same reasons it rose before. Many thought that the hoax of energy healing, and holistic healing is not going to fit in the new age; Surprisingly it is rising again. It is a new cycle, a new shift that will bring more peace to planet earth.

The Buddha: He was a rich prince, and one day he saw animals eating each other to survive, men killing each other to survive, and many people suffering on planet earth, he was awakened, and his goal was to end suffering once and for all. He taught humanity how to meditate, be positive, and reach nirvana, and his teachings are rising again today, because many of us are starting to eliminate hate, and we no longer want to see people suffering. The Buddha gave us the way to enlightenment by teaching us to seek the truth within ourselves, which is exactly what many of us are doing now.

Mohamed: He was a poor man who was born in the middle east. His people worshiped stones, and statues. The Arab nation was divided, baby born girls were considered a shame, and were killed or sold as slaves. Mohamed went to meditate daily in the cave of Hiraa, a part of him believed that there is something bigger than all this, until he was awakened, and made a profound communication with Arch angel Gabriel. At first Mohamed was scared, he thought that Gabriel is a devil, but his wife Khadija calmed him down, and asked him to communicate with this being with an open heart, and he did. Mohamed united the Arab nation, and channeled Quran, he awakened many, and opened a way to the truth that there is only one God that we are one with. Many believed that the teachings of Mohamed will not fit in the new age, but again surprisingly, many of us are starting to realize the oneness of God, the universal mind, the source.

Moses: There was a Pharaoh in Egypt who enslaved his people, tortured them, and killed them, and one day Moses came to stand against him, Moses meditated on a top of a mountain until he saw the light of source, and communicated with this light, he was awakened, and he awakened others to the fact that they should be one with source, and not with a savage Pharaoh. Moses united the Pharaohs, and defeated the king, he also gave humanity a way to enlightenment. His teachings are rising today for how profound they are, and for the oneness they demonstrate.

Jesus:  To understand the story of Jesus, some light should be shed on his mother Miriam. She was an awakened woman who meditated, and made a strong connection with source energy. She made a profound contact with arch angel Gabriel, who told her that she will give birth to a prophet. The prophecy came true, and the virgin woman Miriam gave birth to a child. It was a miracle back then, and people did not believe until baby Jesus spoke. He was a messenger to the children of Israel, back then they were skeptics who did not believe in God. They were out of order; they killed, and tortured others, and their life was a mess until Jesus united them. He taught them love as a way to end suffering. Jesus was the greatest healer ever existed, and he demonstrated that energy healing is real. Many thought that how Jesus healed was a miracle that could never happen in the new age, but surprisingly, energy healing is rising again, and is being recognized world wide. Jesus also taught humanity that we are all one with God as he is.

The purpose of this post is not story telling, which is why the stories above are very brief. The prophets were human beings as we are, they were seeking the truth within, and they found it. Now some of us believe that the prophets did this because they were special, and chosen by God. In fact anyone can awaken, anyone can see the light, anyone can make contact with source energy if S[HE] believes that it is possible. Many are starting to realize this fact, and this is the shift that i spoke of earlier. We have been given a complete map that leads to spiritual awakening, this map does not fit in one religion. In order to understand the map, one must allow the soul to evolve. Look inside you, and you will realize that all the holy books, and the teachings out there are meant to lead you to a wonderful awakening, and a true self-realization which is exactly what each and very prophet did. Much love, and respect to those ascended masters who brought peace, and love to earth in the old times. Much love, and respect to those light workers who live among us today to bring peace, and love once again, to end the suffering once again, and to demonstrate oneness once again. Thank You!

Love & Light.


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