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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Healing physical illness

Many of us feel very uncomfortable when facing a physical illness. Emotions of sadness, worry, and anxiety always accompany physical illness. It is because we were taught to deal with physical illness physically, we run for medicine as soon as we become sick, without trying to communicate with our body cells, understand the cause of physical illness and even release it. Physical illness is there to teach us something, and release negativity within us. In the following process you will know how to communicate with your body, understand the reason behind your sickness and go for the right solution. While some people think that the cause of illness is physical, sometimes it is mental, or emotional and in these cases medicine will only heal the symptoms but not the root cause.
usually when become ill we suffer in a cycle of ups and downs. Wait until the pain, fever, headache, or stomachache cycle is at its highest point. This will facilitate the scanning process.

Find yourself a quite place where you will not be disturbed for 20-60 minutes. Sit in a relaxed position (on a chair, on the floor, on a couch or cross legged...It does not matter), then with your eyes closed breath deeply, and start relaxing your body parts one by one starting from your toes until you reach the top of your head. It is very important to comfortably stick your tongue to the roof of your mouth, and to completely relax your jaws, eyes, forehead, chicks, and even your brain cells.

Once completely relaxed follow the steps below:

First ask yourself if this is a real physical illness, or is it just a technique your body is using to achieve a psychological goal, like grabbing attention, wasting time, escaping something you fear. Be as frank as possible. Remember this is only between you and yourself. There is no one listening out there. If its not a physical illness face the psychological reason. ask your self detailed questions on why do you need to be ill. probably if you listened good enough you'll get rid of the illness in a short while.

If you feel that the cause of your illness is completely physical, then follow the steps below:

You need to distinguish between illness source and side effects.

1- Using your awareness slowly scan each and every pain source in your body, ask your body. if this is the illness or is it just a side effect. you'll slowly start receiving answers like this is only painful because something beside it is screaming of pain. Or this is painful because of fever, or this is painful because of low energy like headache for example or this is painful because of stress .. probably all those are side effects.

2- Illness source is usually in the middle of the side effects. like if illness is in your throat your neck, head and chest will hurt too. Illness source will have the greatest pain. Start moving to the illness source. focus on it. try looking at it with your third eye. imagine your self walking through the organ. receive as much information as you could about it. is it swallowed? is it itching? how active the body cells are. Is the problem inside the cells or something that still outside.( mostly the difference between a viral infection and a bacterial infection). take all the time you need to listen carefully: this is a chance for the organ to speak up its problem and is a boost to the healing process.

3- Now your done with the diagnosing and listening to your body cells, you then can ask questions regarding how can you offer help. Ask them if you could do anything what this thing would be. What weather condition is best for it . Does it need some heat or some coolness? would an external finger massage help? what types of food will help you recover. Start thinking of different food groups and you'll be caught by one or two types. mentally recognize them. trust your instinct in specific cravings, the more food items you think of the more clear you'll know exactly what substance your body needs the most. a craving of lemon/ kiwi/ guava is probably a need for vitamin C and or a high PH. A craving of carrot/ mango/ pumpkin is probably a need for carotene and a lower PH. you may crave a range of any green herbs reflects a need for your blood to be cleaned.

Fulfill your needs, listen carefully, this exercise wont only help you speed up the healing process on, but will also increase trust and connection between your conscious and subconscious making it easier to avoid illness at earlier state way before pain is present.You gathered information about: where is the illness source. and where are the side effects, what the body cells or infected organ needs the most, and how can you externally support this organ to overcome the battle.

The good point is that as u start realizing this, your body will focus its support on solving the main problem rather than sending lots of side effects to grab your attention. You can let go of the side effects now that you know exactly of the illness source.

This is not a substitute to normal medication process. however, it will help you connect to the illness source. send love and energy to the cells in action. Make it easier for them to communicate what kind of support they really need, and will decrease the overwhelming and confusion of side effects to the source of illness.


  1. impressive...used to do so by intinct but with a simpler version :) :)

    1. Glad you like it Marishka, Thanks for reading :))



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