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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Love Your Enemies!

Today i give you a phrase from the teachings of Jesus, one of the most profound and awakening teachings in the history of man kind...Love your enemies! Love is a very deep word for it holds a lot of sensual emotions, and it is the nature of source. How can one love an enemy? It is so hard to do isn't it? We sometimes claim to have a very strong faith until we face a phrase like this... Love your enemies! Only those of us who awakened to the light will understand how profound, and awakening this phrase is! Let me explain why it is very important to hold nothing but love for those you hate the most, and how this can be done, easily...
To understand the phrase one should first realize that all human beings are one with God, we all form a big energetic body that connects with source, imagine that a finger of yours is sore, or that your stomach is upset, do you cut it or get rid of it? or do you do your best to heal it? Of course, we do our best to heal physical illness. One might say, well sometimes we get a sore finger and we have no choice but to cut it, and i tell you that there are always choices, when a part of the body is cut we live incomplete in the physical sense, however, the truth is that we are always complete, and perfect on the energetic level. This is how it works, once we realize this oneness with everyone around us and with God, we understand that our enemies are just a part of us that requires healing, and to heal this part we use an energy of love and light. This is what the phrase "Love your enemies" is all about, it is about oneness, about seeing God in yourself, and in every one around you. Remember that love, peace and happiness are from God, while hate, anger and rage are from the darkest aspects of the human mind. The moment you feel anger, sadness, rage, or any feeling that is negative, your faith fades away for it can not mix with any of those negative emotions, and now we know this we have to realize that it is key to catch ourselves once we drift into any negative emotion, and remember Love! and remember God, and remember Faith..

Practice love for those you hate during your prayers, meditation, and relaxation moments. You can do this by holding a picture of the person you think you hate in your mind, and trigger an emotion of love towards this person because deep inside you, you know that this person is part of you, and that the essence of God is within this person as it is within you, the emotion of love must be felt deeply within you as you visualize this person, work on it, expand it and feel it with every cell of your being. This practice can transform your life on all sides, it just does wonders! I would like to refer you back to The twin hearts meditation technique as it can be used to send love to everyone, and yes you better start with those you hate or dislike.

So what do you do when someone is always heading at you, vibrating negatively around you, or even trying to kill you? Only remember that you get what you believe! Ask yourself how did you attract this person into your life, monitor your thoughts and beliefs about this person, and you will find your answer, and once you do, change what you believe to change what you get. Somewhere in Mexico there is a big potential for destructive volcanoes, but luckily the locals who live around the mountains in this area have a belief that the love they send to the mountains keeps the volcanoes calm, and it does! They send love every day, and they believe that they were born in this area of the world to keep those volcanoes calm and quite. They live a happy life, they do not freak out or live in worry.... Those people have learnt to love their enemy!

Love & Light...


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In life we only get what we believe; if a lot of negative events are manifesting into our lives, it is time to question what we believe, and change it... To change what we get.

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