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Energy Pressure Around The Head

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

About The Intensity Of Spiritual Transformations

 I was asked how long the intensity of these times of transformation will last and how can we move into the New if we don't know what it is. Here is what I shared and am guided to share with you:
The intensity probably means that there are still some old issues or patterns that need to be let go of. Being in the New really means to do things in a completely new way with a new perception, which can only happen when we let go of the old perceptions and ways of doing something. You can create more of the New by asking yourself how you want to feel.
This is based on Soul Essences like Joy, Peace, Abundance, Love, Respect. Integrity, etc.. Then you practice by being these...being Joy, being Abundant, being Love, being Respect, even if life isn't reflecting it, and being grateful for all in your life; for unless we are these essences within, New Life will be created from the old. As Gandhi said, "Be the change you want to see." It helps to meditate a lot, for meditation will bring you into your Heart, helps you stay in the moment, and strengthens your Soul. And, as we know, it's the Soul that is guiding us into the New.
If you don't like where you are, you can change your perception and let go of what isn't aligned with your Joy. You may be comparing life to how it used to be. Rather, realize that wherever you are and what you are experiencing is all for your higher evolution and by accepting what is, you can let go of resistance, which is fighting the New. The New is created from feeling and being the Soul Essences.
 It takes a constant Awareness, which can only come from being in the Moment. When you are in that space, then you can see clearly what still needs to be adjusted and released. We simply cannot live life in the way we always have and it takes a lot of Courage to take a step out of the way things used to be. Many want Ascension, but few are willing to let go of life as it has been.

 Let go of the struggle, because that is nothing but resistance. And this will continue until a person surrenders to what is. So how long the struggle lasts is up to each person. Change isn't easy; it takes great courage and a commitment to follow one's inner guidance.
As we do our part in letting go of the past and creating anew activating Soul Essences, we continue to be upgraded vibrationally in Love and life becomes a flow of Grace, aligning us with the Wisdom of our Soul. The New is created in the Now Moment and step by step. There is no rushing or pushing here.

Source: Raising Vibrations

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